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The presentations and posters we give to students were created as part of an international and intercollegiate project in which students from all over the world came together to create a “support” for students from the Tricity. It is agift from students to students.

The project was based on cooperation between sociology students of the University of Gdansk, nursing students of the Medical University of Gdansk and students participating in the Erasmus exchange programme. It was led by Dr Magdalena Żadkowska and Dr Magdalena Gajewska. Taking up this challenge in times of pandemics and online formula in intercultural and interdisciplinary teams, based on their own research as well as their own experience, the UG and GUMed students prepared information to support other students in the process of studying, to help them cope with the difficulties of student life, to give them energy and show them paths to solutions.

Cultural differences

Gender differences

Coping with stress